Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sioux City Council Passes Traditional Marriage Resolution

Monday in Sioux City the city council passed a resolution defining marriage between a man and a woman. I wrote about this a few months ago and pointed out that Dave Ferris was the deciding vote to table the discussion until an attorney general could take a look at the resolution.

Just when I was starting to think western Iowa may be shifting to the left, they do something great. As many of you know, Sioux City is getting more and more left-leaning every day. This is a good move by the council and a great example of leading by conviction and character by Ferris.

Ferris commented today about his position change, saying, “I have an obligation to my faith. … My faith is more important than being politically correct. When I die, I have to answer to someone who is more important to me than an editor writer (insert liberal Sioux City Journal here) or blogger. … We know we are being aggressively lobbied to change the definition of marriage.”

Back in December I wrote how conservatives haven’t been able to count on Ferris lately. I don’t know why Ferris didn’t recognize his faith back then but I’m glad he does now. Thank you, Dave!

I also want to thank Councilman Brent Hoffman for introducing the resolution and Councilman Aaron Rochester who voted for the measure. I suggest contacting the council and voicing your support for their leadership. I’m sure they are getting plenty of heat by the gay lobby. You may email them at ccouncil@sioux-city.org.

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