Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Madness

The race for RPI Chair is definitely heating up. Every blog is talking about who is running and what qualifications need to be met. I think the race is still wide open but these Chair races get weird fast.

Since the auto-bailout failed in Congress, it now goes to the President. While the automakers were pushing for a bailout through the House and Senate, Bush said if Congress didn’t pass something, he would pull money for the $700 billion dollar bailout passed earlier this year. The unions are not conceding anything and many Republicans are recognizing that including our very own Congressman Steve King.

Sen. Norm Coleman still hasn’t won his seat against Al Franken. Currently Norm Coleman is leading by 215 votes. I have no way of knowing how long this recount will go but you have to admit, this is sad. An election should easily be determined within a month. They are worse than Pat Gill in Woodbury County!

Speaking of Woodbury County, the Sioux City Council planned to consider a resolution today to declare its opposition to gay marriage. The council was split 2-2 with Former Mayor Dave Ferris the deciding vote. Unfortunately Ferris voted to table the discussion until a later date. Ferris is a Republican but hasn’t been counted on by conservatives in quite some time.


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