Monday, February 2, 2009

Republicans Under Democrat Control

After last week’s news of Republicans in the U.S. House holding lockstep against the socialist bailout bill, I began to get a little teary eyed with pride. That is the first time in a very long time all Republicans held together on pretty much anything.

Now the Senate is taking up the legislation and Republicans there are starting to voice strong concerns on the basic premise of the legislation. Turns out since the last election, Republicans are starting to realize these bailouts are socialist and just new ways for the government to get a bigger slice of the pie. Where were these folks last October and what effects would good strong Republican leadership have had on the 2008 election?

I know now isn’t the time for talking about Republicans in the majority or at least with a Republican in the Governor’s office or White House, but why do we scrap our platform and principles whenever we get any of the power?

But for the meantime, these are good signs for things to come. The first step for anyone in the minority is good opposition to bad bills. The second step is to offer good alternatives. Republicans have always had a hard time offering good alternatives. I hope this time we do a little better.

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