Monday, January 26, 2009

Vander Plaats for Governor – Officially

Today Bob Vander Plaats announced his run for Governor on Jan Mickelson’s show. On November 24th I guessed he would make his announcement on January 15th. So I was only 11 days off.

Alright – now that it is official, who else is going to step up and run against Culver? Will it be King, Latham, Larson, Vaudt, Northey, Rants, or others?

I have a poll at the right side of the page for you to pick your favorite candidate. It will stay up for quite a while.


Anonymous said...

so bvp is running for governor AGAIN! I smell a stinky heine not to far behind!

Anonymous said...

Vander Plaats for Governor: feels different doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

You should really change the name of the blog to Vander Plaats Hating, Former Staffer Daily. You guys seem to be fixated on Heine. So 2006.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that Heine went a lot further than you did Haha!!