Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunday will be the 3,000th consecutive day Bob Vander Plaats has been running for governor. To illustrate the amount of time he’s been running, I’ve listed some landmarks for reference…

Bill Clinton was our President

Britney Spears was touring to promote her debut album

911 was just a number you dialed when in an emergency

Barack Obama was just a State Senator from Illinois

The Yankees just won their 3rd straight World Series in the Subway Series

Tom Latham represented part of Western Iowa

Saddam Hussein was alive – so were his kids

"Scary Movie" was too stupid for anyone to believe there might be sequels

Kurt Warner ruled the world (he's on his 2nd comeback now!)

Lance Armstrong just won a SECOND Tour de France

Elian Gonzales went back to Cuba

Doug Gross wasn’t thought of as a moderate

Marcus Fizer went 4th in the NBA draft - Go ISU!!!

Napster, Baby. Napster

Steve King was still a State Senator

Have you seen that new show, "Survivor"?

Eastern Iowa Congressional seats were held by Republicans

What the hell is a DVD player? No thanks - it'll never last

Dennis Miller is joining "Monday Night Football" - That will be awesome!!!

Whassup?!?!?!?! (in classic Budweiser voice of course)

That is about all I could think of. If you have some more to add, feel free to list them in the comments.

Oh and Bob, may the next 3,000 be as good as the last!


Anonymous said...

OMG you guys are hilarious.

I will be celebrating with a Wells Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cake! Gotta keep the paycheck, er - those campaign donations flowing!

Anonymous said...

Wow - did I really just read that?! Nice work

Anonymous said...

Mike Huckabee was Gov. of Arkansas busy raising taxes and eating squirrel.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore was busy creating the internet, so you could write this blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such anamosity towards BVP. You really have no clue what he stands or what motivates him. Maybe you should try and get to know him before you continue to obsess about him.

Anonymous said...

Outside of tradional family values, no one knows what the hell BVP stands for. The guy is running on the same speech he gave 3000 DAYS AGO!

In Bob's own words, he runs AGAINST Des Moines. He runs AGAINST Eastern Iowa. He runs AGAINST Congressman. He runs AGAINST those with policy EXPERIENCE. He runs AGAINST those with different views on religion (uh oh, I said it...yeah, we all know. Give me a break)

You say that CD has anamosity?!? I think BVP has anamosity against anyone who has some ounce of political success!!!! Regardless of how you feel about Nussle, Sukup, Romney, Larson, or Gross - they have ALL had success in politics!

Bob has had his chance and gave up to Nussle. Why would anyone get behind him again? Seriously? Why? Can someone answer me that? If he get's too far behind again, he's just going to give up again!

Anonymous said...

I have one serious question to ask the bvp supporters? What does this man truely stand for besides his self promotion? What has he ever achieved and what has he been successful at?
We need real leadership in this state and it is clear that bvp is not a serious leader and he has been rejected by his party in primaries and in a state party chairman's race! And let us not forget bvp was on the general election ticket in 2010 and he got his lunch served to him by Culver!
Iowa needs real leadership by serious people; we do not need to be bothered by some political has been like bvp in these serious times.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that anti Vander Plaats sites like this really only help him dont you? All you are doing is giving in creditability by bringing him up all the time. You are also giving him ammunition to use in the primary because he can reference sites like this one trying to tear him down on stupid issues. If you really want to discredit Vander Plaats, stop talking about him. Nussle killed him by refuseing to even acknoledge his presence in the race. Youre not convincing anyone, youre just just fireing up his suppoers.

Anonymous said...

Lack of Knowledge proves your anamosity even more. BVP conceded only once and that was at our GREAT REPUBLICAN PARTY of IOWA's request in 2006. When they seen that he was going to give Nussle a run for his money, they said the 2 should join and unite the party against the democrats(we all see how well that worked) So, he took the route of being a party man, he didn't give up and look what that got him. For the record he didn't run for Party Chairman, he thought about it, as many other did, and decided against it.... To question his leadership, I guessing you really don't research your candidates, because if you did you would see that he was a successful teacher/coach, successful Principal, a CEO that turned around a failing Non-profit healthcare organization into a thriving one, and then starting and running a very successful consulting business in you guessed it LEADERSHIP and a successful author of "LIGHT FROM LUCAS" maybe you should read it and get a glimce at a humble man and family.. What the heck is he thinking that he has the qualifications to be GOVERNOR of IOWA. Heck with the serious leaders creating the mess were in we should again consider a "SERIOUS" leader to get us out of this mess. I believe the definition of INSANITY is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. GO SERIOUS LEADERS, SHOW US THE WAY.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 5:25. I'm not a BVP guy and I think he needs to go, this isn't helping.

But I can't let 2:35 off the hook either. You really tried to put the nail in the coffin with your argument with the quote "the definition of INSANITY is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". C
an you please call Bob and let him know that definition as he is doing the same thing for a 3rd time and expecting a different result.

Anonymous said...

3:49, if you really want to get rid of Vander Plaats, you and the other anti-Bob people really need to get a better argument. Personally I dont mind Vander Plaats, but talking about him all the time is starting to get old.

Do you truly and honestly believe that the average person cares about the fact that he has run before? Outside of a few political hacks, Iowans and Republicans really don’t care. It is almost like people who don’t like Vander Plaats are obsessed with him so you keep bringing him up over and over again. Then his supporters come in to fight you and his name keeps coming up over and over again.

The joke is that because the one strike you have against him is so unimportant and so uninteresting to the average person you end up looking stupid and a little bitter for your failure to come off of it. It also makes people think that the only problem with Vander Plaats is that he has run in the past. That isn’t a deal breaker for them and he ends up looking better because that is all you know how to say.

If you aren’t going to drop your obsession with Vander Plaats bashing, the least you can do is come up with a more compelling reason for people to not support him. The argument is tired and as I said before wont do anything but insure that Vander Plaats is able to win the primary in 2010 … Just a little something to think about.

Anonymous said...

The first time he ran he was totally unknown and ran a great race, got 32% of the vote in a 3 way race. Sounds pretty inspiring to me. 2nd time he chose to listen to the PARTY and UNITE, got him no where with the ESTABLISHMENT. So, I would say this is his second run whether you like it or not. I truly believe you obsess about him because you know he is a great motivator and leader and that he would do a great job as Governor.

Anonymous said...

When he joined Nussle, he put Party ahead of principle. He became just another politician.