Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Believers and Leaders

Yesterday’s announcement by Bob Vander Plaats for Governor of Iowa wasn’t a surprise to anyone. The real surprise was he offered nothing new. I realize this blog has been a little rough on Bob but I have written nothing that wasn’t true. Here is another truth. Bob needs depth in his campaign or he will become a four time loser.

I listened to him on Jan Mickelson’s show yesterday and heard the same Bob I’ve heard the last 3,002 days. He’s a great coach or preacher but doesn’t offer any specifics, ever. I want to hear exactly what programs he will cut and what programs are working. I want to know exactly who will get tax cuts and who won’t. I want to know exactly how he will strengthen the sanctity of life. Will he continue to throw money at our schools or will he fight the unions and if so, how? Please Bob, if you are in this for the long haul, brush up on the specifics and offer real solutions – not just lofty conservative rhetoric.

I don’t know how many of you wonder why the most conservative blogger in Iowa is writing less than flattering articles about Bob Vander Plaats. Well – that is the reason. He doesn’t make conservatives look good. He’s like the believer that comes up to you and says we need to get rid of abortion because it is really bad but has absolutely no idea how to do it. Believers like that are a dime a dozen. On the other hand, leaders, those who can actually make a difference and change something, are few and far between. Iowa deserves and needs a leader who can change the path we are going down.


Anonymous said...

If your such a leading conservative voice in Iowa, why don't you attend functions that Bob is speaking at and ask him some of these questions yourself and get answers instead of just complaining about stuff on your blog. Most politicians I've heard don't get specific in their stump speaches, because you will frankly loose your audience. I pretty sure you will get more specifics when you talk to him. He is usually pretty accessable at these events. IN the meantime try to be more productive and stop whining or maybe run for office yourself if you think you have all the answers.

Zzzzz said...

What I don’t get is what CD wants him to say? He didn’t talk about social issues at all on the radio. He was talking Education, Healthcare and Economic Development. You don’t talk about any of that here because you are too busy running down Bob Vander Plaats. You may as well just come out and endorse its preselected candidate and stop pretending to be impartial.

Anonymous said...

Vanderplaats has been saying the same thing for 8 years and it doesn't resonate with the average people of Iowa. He cannot win against a democrat.

WHY SO SERIOUS.... said...

Um yeah, so I was looking at the TeamVP site and found it a little odd that the candidate who's been running for the last 3000 some days doesn't have any issues on his website. What's the deal, if anyone should know what his campaign is about it would be Bob right?