Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama Chooses Arabs Over Americans

Pres. Obama didn’t choose ABC, NBC, CBS, or even CNN for his first official interview as leader of the free world. Nope, he chose Al-Arabiya, an Arabic network based out of Dubai. You may read one of the articles by clicking here.

Now I realize that might not seem like a big deal but if you remember back in March of 2008 where King (and others) brought up Obama’s middle name and got bashed by Obama, McCain, the Register, Sioux City Journal, and most national news stations for even thinking about Obama’s Muslim heritage. Then last week Obama used his middle name while being sworn in (while no other politician could use it during the campaign) and now he chooses an Arabic station to conduct his first official interview…unbelievable.

And finally, after reading the interview, doesn’t it seem like Obama completely forgets about 911?


Anonymous said...

Way to go CD! You went 8 Days before posting something that's not about the 2010 Governor's race or BVP. I'm proud of you

ConstitutionDaily said...

It wasn't my fault that BVP chose his 3001st day running for governor to announce his candidacy for governor again. I will post multiple articles on any other candidate that enters the race as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You Bob people can't let it go. Here is a post that has nothing to do with Bob, yet you HAVE to bring it up again. Let it go, dude. It's tough supporting someone for 3,003 days - I'm sure you're getting tired and cranky. Don't worry - just 463 days until the June '10 primary, when his candiacy ends and the 2014 cycle starts up again! Take heart!