Friday, December 12, 2008

Vilsack v. Grassley? Good Luck!

A recent Research 2000 poll found a Sen. Chuck Grassley v. Governor Tom Vilsack match-up a feasible win for the Democrats (Grassley 48, Vilsack 44). As far as Iowa blogs, Krusty has the scoop on this one.

For those not familiar with Research 2000, they had Becky Greenwald within 5 points of Tom Latham. Latham ended up winning with 61% of the vote. In the presidential contest this year in Iowa they were 6 points low on McCain.

If you wanted the most accurate statistics you could find, would you chose a polling company that was so far off with Greenwald and McCain? You would if you were Daily Kos. Daily Kos is the same extremely liberal blog that paid for the incredibly inaccurate Latham v. Greenwald poll.

The lefties have it figured out. If they can find any indication that a Republican is weak, disliked, said something offensive, or has a past demon, they will pounce with all of their liberal blogging allies. That is exactly what happened to Michelle Bachman and that is exactly what they want to happen with Grassley. By the way, after Bachman called Obama’s friends anti-American, her opponent was able to raise one million dollars in 5 days. Bachman ended up winning by just over 3 percentage points.

Grassley is entrenched in Iowa and has nothing to worry about. I would like to see Grassley step up and take on the voter registration disadvantage Republicans have in Iowa. Grassley is the only Republican with enough money to really start chipping away at the Democrats. Maybe this poll will light his conservative fire that many believe is all but fizzled out.


Anonymous said...

Keep this post. Tom Vilsack will beat Charles Grassley.

Anonymous said...

I hear Steve Rathje is opposing Grassley in the primary?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Post of the day, Anon 5:11.

The Jimador said...

Rathje going to the arcade to take ownership of the Pac-Man.

Vlasic will hold tight till 2016 or a Tommy Bahama bow out, unless Christie puts him in a pickle wrap?

Anonymous said...

I think it's very dangerous to just keep saying Grassley is untouchable.

If the Democrats recruit someone tough, like Gov. Vilsack, and they want to make that a race, I think they'll have a lot of ammo to use against Sen. Grassley. The bailout vote is one that comes to mind right away.

The past two elections, they've showed us that they're really good at winning elections, they've got it down pat. Meanwhile, our party is rebuilding which might also hurt the Senator's run.

Obviously, I think they would have an uphill battle, but by no means do we have this one locked up and I think we'd be really naive to rest on our laruels.

Just my two cents.