Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tax Hike is Coming

Yesterday I wrote a little about our state’s budget problems and how Chet is going to cut or freeze new spending. The Des Moines Register actually has a decent article on this today.

Culver did take the easy way out. Rather than slashing programs that don’t work or are inefficient, Culver chose to dance around the edges with cuts in the publican universities, out-of-state travel, freezing most hiring and delaying a $37 million new state building.

State Auditor Vaudt warned the legislature and governor last year about the future budget shortfalls. Of course politicians can’t seem to understand a budget. How are these guys not homeless? They spend and spend our taxpayer dollars like there is no limit but at home they are fiscally conservative? That tells me they know what’s right but they just don’t give a damn.

One last thought, Culver said he would be willing to cut his salary if necessary. Thank you sir, that extra $5,000 in the budget will do wonders. Where are you going to get the extra $500 million Auditor Vaudt says we will be short? I smell another tax hike coming.

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