Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gay Marriage, SCC Meeting, State Budget, 2010

Gay Marriage

Today is the start of the gay marriage court case. I can’t believe Iowa could be worse than California. Iowa is supposed to be the land of family, hard work, and values. Instead we have to work hard to fight for our family values. We better remind voters every chance we get the Democrats knew this case was coming and did nothing to strengthen our marriage law. Gronstal, Culver, and Murphy must be held accountable. One last thought on gay marriage: gay activists always use the discrimination argument for legalizing gay marriage. Discrimination is good policy! Whether it’s marriage, job interviews, drivers’ licenses, etc., we always discriminate to get the desired outcome.

SCC Meeting

Right-leaning Iowa blogs have been buzzing pretty good lately about the Lehman censure (as always, King Krusty has this excellent take) and the SCC meeting Saturday. I’d have to say, the SCC did a damn fine job this weekend. Everything ran fairly smoothly and almost everyone involved stayed above the fray. I see Saturday’s meeting as the first real sign of everyone trying to move forward without carrying the baggage a few bad election cycles always brings. We have a very good state central committee and they understand changes need to be made. Responsibility needs to be shared evenly between the SCC and the Chairman of the Party. I think the SCC finally knows it is time for them to step up.

State Budget

As everyone knows, it is crunch time for budgets. The state budget isn’t immune. I heard Culver talking about having to cut the budget – he will offer a plan later today. I’m betting it isn’t a very dramatic plan that only does the minimum. I’d love to see him drop unnecessary departments and agencies. I will be keeping an eye on this and report back to you if anything exciting is offered.

2010 Governor Ranking

I will have my new ranking later this week. Just a quick recap, I’ve added Tom Latham, Bill Northey, Christopher Rants, and Bruce Rastetter to the list. For those of you who have another horse you’d like me to enter in the race, feel free to leave a comment.


Get on the Northey Train said...

Per Yepsen's article on 12/9:

"Republican state Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey is being mentioned as a credible opponent who could send the Big Lug back to Hoover High"

WTF?!?! said...

Do I really see a Vander Plaats for Governor timer on your website???? That is freaking hilarious!!!!