Thursday, October 9, 2008

I voted

My decisions are made. My ballot has been cast. My participation as a voter in the 2008 General Election is complete.

Because I will be out-of-town on Election Day, I requested and received an absentee ballot I promptly filled out and returned. The process is ridiculously easy and completely open to fraud! But the bigger concern this November 4 is same day voter registration.

There is every reason to suspect “new” voters will register at more than one voting precinct on November 4 and cast multiple ballots. Poll watchers will not be allowed to challenge all same day registration ballots.

Moving forward, all we can do is catalog our concerns and be prepared to hit the Legislature in January with pressure to repeal this idiotic law. To be successful, it is crucial for Republicans to take back the Iowa House. What are you doing to ensure this happens?

I cast my ballot but there are miles to go before this election is settled. Find the Republican House candidates nearest you who need money, time, and a willing volunteer. If November 4 arrives and we aren’t exhausted mentally, physically, and financially (within sound judgment), we have failed. I will be.

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