Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post Debate Thoughts

I’ve had enough. After McCain’s $300 billion foreclosure buyout plan, I have decided that I won’t be working to help John McCain. I will still vote for him but no way will I walk precincts for a socialist.

As most of you Iowans know, WHO Radio’s Steve Deace has been preaching about how conservatives shouldn’t support moderate Republicans because it only makes this country shift further to the left. I’ve struggled with this argument since the 2004 race when Bush was talking about amnesty and also passed the Medicare and Prescription Drug Plan.

Conservatives are now in a much worse situation. We all know McCain’s faults but this $300 billion dollar bad mortgage bailout is the last straw for me. My only argument for McCain was that he has been a pretty good fiscal conservative. Now I can’t even use that argument.

Lucky for me I can now go pheasant hunting on opening day instead of marching up and down the streets. I hate to say this but Steve Deace is right about this one…


Anonymous said...

It's a proposal, an idea. It gets people talking about what to do and how to solve the problem. If it's a bad idea or just won't work; the people will cry out and it will die in committee.

The point is that he is trying to come up with ideas to strengthen our country, and he's putting forth ideas that get the apathetic off their butts and to the phone to complain to their legislators.

This is not a bad thing, and it is a bold move. It is the people who decide, it is the legislators who act; the president can only propose ideas, and sign them into law IF they come to his desk... he cannot make the law.

Ideas are not bad, proposing ideas that are not viable is not a bad thing.

It is only bad if the congress were to go along with it and the people did too.

ConstitutionDaily said...

You say it is the people/legislature that decides? That isn't what happened with the $700 billion bailout. The President pushed it, the people were against it and it still passed. Sure it passed the House and Senate but it sure wasn't supported by the people.

And even though it is "just an idea", it is a socialist idea. While we're at it maybe we should tell people what job they are going to do and how much we are going to pay them...