Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Thoughts

I want to hear your thoughts/predictions for next Tuesday. I know it is a little early for this but I couldn't wait. I'll have more exact predictions on the day before the election.

1. ACORN has undermined our Republic. There is nothing more important than our vote and they have taken it away.

2. Obama is a Marxist. Karl Marx said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” I don’t know how you can argue that Obama isn’t a Marxist. If you need more proof, here is a YouTube clip…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iivL4c_3pck.

3. If McCain would have voted and voiced opposition to the bailout bill, he’d be up in the polls by 5 points.

4. The Iowa House is going to be close. The Senate won’t be as bad as they say.

5. The U.S. House is going to get ugly.

6. Latham wins big. King does too. Miller-Meeks squeaks away a victory. Schmett doesn’t do as badly as many would think. Hartsuch – nevermind.

7. The U.S. Senate stays about the same. Reed gets a higher percentage than Ganske.

8. The Dems won’t get everything they are so confident in getting.

9. I will enjoy a steak and a beer or eleven on Election Night.

10. The American people are going to wake up some day and realize what road this country is going down. The wheel will be turned to the right and we will all breathe a sigh of relief before the next battle.


anonymous said...

I agree with everything you say. I think the Dims are in for a big surprise. They think everything is going their way, but polls are showing a different story.
Imagine 4 yrs. of Democrat control of all three branches of government PLUS the media in their pocket! AMERICA, WAKE UP!!!! There will be no checks and balances.
Hey, can I join you for a beer, or eleven?

Anonymous said...

I am horrified at the thought of an Obama presidency with both chambers of Congress in D control. I hope McCain has the momentum to pull off a 9th hour surprise in Iowa and nationally.

I think we send our House incumbents back to DC with the exception of Loebsack. Harkin wins, too.

Voter fraud strikes even more fear in my heart.

Iowa Ds are attacking R House candidates with Bush. Lame. It will backfire.

Gimme a Heineken said...

1. ACORN = The Fall of Democracy

2. Obama = I agree - he's a Marxist

3. McCain = Not too sure about that. I don't see the word "bailout" on anything anymore

4. Iowa House will remain at 47, some great wins but surprise loses. The Senate is going to be just depressing.

5. The US House is going to make me cry

6. Latham pulls 52%, King pulls 62%...you heard it hear first

7. Yep

8. Half agree - they will have a great night after Obama wins and then the rest is money (Sorry, I'm a die in the wool conservative but the map is just pitiful right now)

9. I will see your steak and eleven beers and raise you another 11 beers...Why not?

10. This will be the Election where it gets worse before it gets better - we will bottom out on November 4th. There will be some bright spots, but now we will have a clear place to start for the future.

Anonymous said...

Wrong on most. We have good candidates everywhere and we are going to win big on Election Night.

Dems are screwed.

Nuts said...

Anon 7:41 - you are nuts. Republicans will be limping around after this election. Hopefully though it will be on their right legs.

Anonymous said...

1. Absolutely correct on voter fraud - only the Supreme Court can reel this grabage in.
2. America will realize that Obama is a Marxist before Karl's birthday.
3. The bailout was an enormous opportunity missed for McCain. The spread in the polls went to its largest that week and McCain's debate performance didn't help.
4. As for the Iowa House, I think the margin remains slim, but I can't find where we pick up all these Dem seats to take the majority - and we can't lose any. The Senate will remain in Dem hands, but our new GOP caucus will be something we can celebrate.
5. Pelosi will preside over a 250-seat majority - and immediately go nuts. The Dems will not get to 60, but it won't matter with 2 or 3 weak-kneed Republicans ready to help out the majority.
6. Braley, Meeks, Boswell, Latham and King. All will win with margins similar to what those districts saw in 2004.
7. Reed surprises. If he gets more than what Ganske got, it will make everyone wonder, "what if..." Just like 2002, 1996, 1990, & 1984.
8. I think the Dems DO get everything they want. The GOP will have victories here and there nationally, but the media won't let anyone know about it.
9. I would like to buy the first round. By the time we get to round 11, the Dems will have already put a 500% beer tax on the books.
10. On Nov 5, the right v. left arguments begin again in our party. Only the incredible failure of Obama/Pelosi will rally our side. The GOP will have huge success in 2010, only to be followed by right v. left arguments in our party.

Anonymous said...

An amendment to my 11:54 post - I think McCain IS the comeback kid, but we won't know the results for quite awhile after Nov 4. This time, we'll be the ones calling the election illegitimate.

The 60 votes referred to above are in the US Senate. I think the Dems will get themselves a new, angrier left wing leader to replace Reid.

Anonymous said...

I know the right versus left arguements will be coming. I can see where both sides have an argument but with McCain being the anti-conservative Republican, I can't see how the moderates are going to convince anyone. Of course, sometimes logic and reason don't come into play.

Anonymous said...

The conservatives will highlight McCain as the nominee in a rough GOP year. The mods will counter with Palin.

The conservatives will complain about bad Republican leadership in Iowa and DC (again) and the mods will counter with Kim Lehman.

The conservatives will point to the lack of respect the establishment gives Steve King, and the Saliers and Reeds of the party, and the mods will counter with Jim Leach is the only Republican that can win in 2CD. That's why conservatives need to do everything they can for Miller-Meeks.

I keep thinking that times of crisis produce leaders. Still waiting...

Anonymous said...

I think that it is time for conservatives to stand tall, puff their chests out and energize people! The days of the wimpy moderates are over. It doesn't work! Conservatives - Stand proud and energize people. We need this leadership at the local and national level.