Thursday, October 30, 2008

The First Vote

The recent blow-up over Kim Lehman's opposition to Miller-Meeks is bringing up a lot of right v. left arguments inside the GOP and it is definitely playing out on the blogs. But this recent flap should give us a clearer picture of what we are up against and maybe why the liberal Dems are poised to shove their left wing garbage down our throats.

We as republicans are very quick to highlight conservative Dems that cross over to our side. Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller are recent examples. The special interests like pro-life groups or the NRA support democrats when they are "100 %" on their issue. Being all the more rare it is certainly a reason to celebrate, but the bottom line is that it is easy to fill out a questionaire, co-sponsor a bill, or even give a speech bucking the party line. The proof is in the pudding.

I loved Zell's 2004 convention speech. All Republicans did and he became a star. Not fulfilled was his conversion to the GOP in the US Senate, rather he retired. When I say unfulfilled, I mean he never made that first, most-important vote - for leader.

I hear NRA ads for conservative Dems while Kim Lehman bashes a Republican. Perhaps one can debate the merits. But Miller-Meeks' first vote will be for a Republican Speaker of the House - undoubtedly another pro-life, pro-gun leader. Liberal Loebsack and "conservative" Boswell will cast their first vote for Nancy Pelosi.

That question needs to be on any questionaire. No Democrat can be "100%" pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business, pro-tax cut, pro SS reform, pro-secure borders, pro-military, or pro-common sense if they vote for Pelosi, Reid, Murphy or Gronstal, or any other Dem leader. That vote is critically anti-family.

The single-issue groups cannot ignore that very first vote an elected official makes in determining who is "100%."


Anonymous said...

Down with "Loebsack Lehmen"

Anonymous said...

CD - You gonna post some predictions today?