Friday, October 24, 2008

Superman In Iowa

Finally! After 34 years, we have a candidate that will hammer Tom Harkin. Christopher Reed owned the entire hour debate with Commie Tommie and even managed to get the steam to pop out of the old Senator's ears.

Harkin has been the champion of mud-slinging, partisan gutter politics, and the source of some of the most inflamatory left wing quotes. It appears that he can dish it out, but can't take it. Harkin is quick to go after Reed and his "personal attack", but funny how Harkin isn't talking about the issues.

Nice job last night, Christopher! You got the opportunity all of us conservatives have been dieing for. You took on Harkin and clobbered him.


Con Daily = Dem Blog said...

Wow - you build up Chris Reed and at the same time you have that picture at the top of the super

Still liked his performance but we are all wandering if this "conservative" blog stops after November 4th

Revelation said...

(I also was just the previous post)

I'm beginning to wander if this blog is being run by some former hack Iowa staffer who's trying to look for an "in" to come back to the state...

Due to the lack of comments, I'm not seeing any takers