Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stuck on Stupid

Members of Iowa’s delegation to the Republican National Convention received an email from the delegation chair and co-chair Friday. Constitution Daily was forwarded the email and here it is for you to read.

We have vacancies in our delegation.

Rule No. 17 of the Republican Party (as adopted by the 2004 Republican National Convention)for the 2008 Republican National Convention permits the delegates to fill the vacancies.

We propose the following names to fill vacancies:

Gopal T.K. Krishna to fill the vacancy created by Morris Hurd, a At-Large Delegate.
John Bloom to fill the vacancy created by Carmen Reitsma, a At-Large Alternate to Morris Hurd.

Paula Dierenfeld to fill the vacancy created by Larry Smith, a At-Large Alternate to Carmen Boal, a At-Large Delegate.

Morris Hurd to fill the vacancy created by Scott Spray, a At-Large Alternate to Loras Schulte,a At-Large Delegate.

All delegates are free to nominate any other person or persons to fill the vacancies. If you nominate any person to fill any vacancy, please make sure that that person will attend the 2008 Republican National Convention and have a place to stay if that person is elected to fill the vacancy.

If the majority of the delegates concur with the proposed names, it will be considered that the delegation agreed to fill the vacancies with the proposed names.
If the majority of the delegates do no concur with the proposed names, we will conduct an election among all the nominees on August 28, 2008.

Please reply to the above email address (xxxxxxxxxx) by stating that you either concur to fill the vacancies with the proposed names or with your nomination(s) before 1:00 P.M. on August 24, 2008.

We will inform results of all responses to all of you on August 25, 2008.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Steve Scheffler
Chair of the Delegation

David Roederer
Co-Chair of the Delegation

Immediately alarm bells began going off across the state, emails began flying, and dust we hoped was settled is stirred as though a cyclone struck. And we have to ask, what was Scheffler thinking? First of all, you need a flowchart and PhD in organizational communications to unravel the delegate and alternate swapping outlined in the email.

But here’s the bottom line. Gopal Krishna was removed from the slate presented by the nominating committee at the state convention by a solid majority of the delegates. (I don’t want to get into a debate on the appropriateness of that effort – it happened and we live with the outcome.) Knowing that, Scheffler and Roderer are rubbing salt in a wound barely beginning to heal by inserting him here. Hence, I declare this action stuck on stupid.

It would be my assumption there will need to be an election on August 28 as the email spells out. Anything else will serve to deepen the rift rather than unite the Republican Party in Iowa which is what our new National Committeeman has said he hopes to do.

This isn't about right v left or conservative v moderate. This is simply right v wrong. And this time, Steve Scheffler and Dave Roderer got it wrong.


Anonymous said...

If we lose this election this fall, we need to attack Scheffler by hanging the Democratic accomplishments around his neck.

Democrats repeal right to work? Steve Scheffler's crusade stop a unified party cost us seats.

Democrats grow the budget and raise taxes? Steve Scheffler is trying to destroy the party and therefore give the Democrats more freedom to do as they choose.

Steve Scheffler needs to be attached to the Democratic Party and as soon as the embarrassing stuff about him comes out (and trust me - its out there) - he'll be gone forever. FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

This action only further shows the divide that Scheffler is creating. Gopal was voted out by the State Convention. This is a slap in the face of those that voted against Gopal at Convention. The act of having Hurd step down as a Delgate and his alternate also step down to allow Gopal to be nominated under such ridiculous situation in apalling. Then only to bring Hurd back as an alternate to another Delegate is so transparent. If Hurd was elected to be a Delegate and plans to attend then he should as Delegate. This is not "good organization and planning" but rather playing fast and loose with the rules and manipulation.
To wait till the ninth day before the convention to announce it is a sham. This was planned and known before and if announced a day earlier would have allowed the choice to made differently. This is plain and simple back room politics at its worse. It does show the lengths this new leadership will go to manipulate the rules and justify the ends by any means. It also once again shows a pattern of contempt for others in the party they illustrated in the State Organization Committee fiasco.

Scheffler did not ad Grassley and stated it was an oversight. Did he offer it to Grassley this time? No- Greassley would accept if asked with teh respect he deserves- Did he offer it to the only State Co-Chair in the country Leon Mosely that was not given a chance to attend the National Convention? No -
The McCain people were not offered this seat. It was only done to get Gopal reinstated through the backdoor. Just another example of Polk County politics wanting to run the entire state. Our highest elected State politican, our State Co-Chair nor early prominent backers of our Presidential candidate Senator McCain do not warrant a Delegate position ahead of someone that was voted out as a National Delegate by the entire State Convention?
However if we allow ourselfs to be duped by them because they sell a "Christian" story of a just cause that only use to further their own egos and thirst for personal power at the expense of anyone that gets in their way then it is sad.
The message they preach is not the message they practice.
Andy Cable

Anonymous said...

take a look at David Chung's take on this:

Didn't we already vote on this? said...

Complete slap in the face to the delegates. Period.

Anonymous said...

I just left a county Fund Raiser where Leon spoke and he was wonderful, full of energy and no mention of any bitterness. Leon Mosley is three times the Republican either of our two soon to be national committee people are. Then I come home to read this crap.

You are right, we voted this Gopal person out, there is no way this could be anything but back room politics with all the shuffling.

I cannot imagine that our Party Co-Chair, Senior US Senator, Presidents of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women or CRs deserve those open seats. What ever.

Let the children have their toys.

I keep thinking

MILLER-MEEKS FOR CONGRESS!!! Now there's a winner! All CD2 needs to put some energy around THAT lady.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Roderererer. Not just SS.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you will note that Roederer put his wife in the 'new' delegate list.

Anonymous said...

yeah it appears the price of getting Roederer's signature for Scheffler was adding Dave's wife to the list. Another Polk County member of the National Delegation- another backroom deal- so this is the "new" leadership in the state RPI? SOS if you ask me- just a new cover rapped in religion