Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Who’s Hot:

1. Senator Jack Reed - Looks like the pick for Obama's VP. Military background is focus, and Reed won't be noticed when standing next to Obama on stage.

2. Chinese gymnasts - I wonder if the Chinese government lets the soft spot on top heal before they put them on the uneven bars.

3. Marianette Miller-Meeks - In an uphill district, Miller-Meeks is taking the fight to the absent-minded professor. She's agressive, but I'm hoping she doesn't finish trying to please everybody.

Who's Not:

1. GOP VP possibilities - The longer we have all dragged the speculation out, the more likely folks will be disappointed. Everyone is holding a lottery ticket. When the number comes in even a good pick will have people grousing. Where's Rudy?

2. Des Moines Maxim Online - otherwise known as the Des Moines Register. Political coverage by all Iowa media has been abyssmal. The direction the "rag Iowa ignores" is going won't improve coverage, but isn't a bad thing for us either.

3. US Track Team - Added to the softball collapse, the men & womens' poor performance in China would have anyone else claiming the races were thrown. We trained individuals, not teammates.

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ConstitutionDaily said...

By the way, if I'm Obama, I'm picking Caroline Kennedy.