Monday, August 25, 2008

Leach to speak at Obama convention

“Moderates” are very quick to blame election losses on the right wing going off the deep end. Are they lashing out at Jim Leach with the same vigor? No wonder the base is ticked off at “mods.” Leach just gave all of us wingers another example of the mushy middle abandoning our platform.

Leach isn’t even a “moderate.” He is a classic liberal. Don’t give me any of this “fiscal conservative, socially moderate” hooey. Leach voted with Democrat minorities more than the republican majority. He voted against the tax cuts, he voted against the war, and even if those things are OK with the “mods,” Leach voted against the one man who brought Leach and the Republicans in the House of Representatives out of the minority for the first time in 40 years. Leach voted against Newt as Speaker of the House.

We had to live with nearly 3 decades of experts telling us Leach was the only kind of Republican that could win that district. I’ve always thought that was nonsense. For 3 decades, Leach was the only Republican that could lose it, too. Miller-Meeks is going to prove all of those “experts” wrong.

In fact, not only will Miller-Meeks win, she will be a Republican who will vote for tax cuts, support our commander-in-Chief in a time of war, shrink government, and support other Republicans on the ticket each November.

RINO Leach is a liberal Democrat and is proving so by choosing Obama’s tax increases, Obama’s weak foreign policy, Obama’s judges, and everything else that comes with black liberation theology and socialist policies.

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