Thursday, August 28, 2008

Riffing on the Republic

It has been impossible to watch television this week as the Democratic National Convention is splayed out for us to see all their posturing and posing. Channel surfing can ruin a perfectly good evening when you land on Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Billary, or their kindred. The nomination of the first African American for president is being touted as revolutionary. I agree. What I find ironic is Hillary’s role in the melee. The Clinton’s grandstanding – including the roll call vote – was designed to anoint her as the heir apparent should Obama lose to McCain (please, please, please). I’m wondering what Obama’s role would have been if roles were reversed? I’m guessing Billary would not have been as accommodating.

McCain will name his running mate on Friday. I’m becoming more and more certain it won’t be Romney or Pawlenty. Call it a hunch, but, I’m guessing these two are the attack dogs to keep scrutiny off the veep-in-waiting. I shudder to think it will be Lieberman or Ridge. My money’s on a dark horse whose name hasn’t been run through the media mill.

Gopal Krishna will not be representing Iowa as a delegate to the National Convention. He cited family health issues in an email sent to delegates.

What’s happening with Victory in northwest Iowa? CD hears Team McCain brought in a surrogate last weekend for an event with Steve King Saturday night. Two other events earlier in the day with said VIP (former Ag Secretary John Block) had miserable turnout. In Republican vote-rich northwest Iowa, it only makes sense to have a ground game able to turn out votes. Bush-Cheney did it very well in 2004. So far there’s nada from McCain’s camp or Victory. The door’s closing fast – less than 70 days to the election! Staff up!!

Iowa House Representatives are calling on Chet to make a special session happen. One of their proposals is to forgo the new prison in favor of infrastructure rebuilds. Awesome idea. But even better was their plan to shift Iowa Values Fund monies to helping businesses survive. That makes cents.


Anonymous said...

while you are correct that turn out was not large for John Block at the two early day events, they weren't planned to be turn out events. They were for message sending. McCain wanted to know why western Iowans weren't getting excited yet and Block was sent to recieve the message and carry it to McCain. Both stops, luncheon and afternoon coffee were attended by well known leaders in the state who expressed very clearly that Renewable energy and it's role in national security, economic development and inflation fighting is a must understand and support if McCain is to get a decent turnout in western Iowa.

who's got the story? said...

What was the message that Block got? Who were the leaders that gave it to him?

Are there problems in just western Iowa or the state for McCain? Did Block go to other parts of the state? How often does Block come here?

Why is this such a big deal?

ConstitutionDaily said...

The point is they don't have a NW Iowa staffer and obviously need one. Iowa will be in play on Nov. 4th but only if the McCain campaign gets serious.