Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP Pick

McCain’s pick today will determine if he has a shot at winning this election. If he screws up and picks anybody less than conservative he just as well pick one of his seven houses to live in for the next four years.

Just heard Romney is out – thank the good Lord. Also heard Pawlenty is out. Alright, who’s next? That narrows it down to Palin or Lieberman or maybe a surprise pick. I’m waiting with a sense of doom. I don’t trust McCain’s judgement – I never have.

I’m rooting for a conservative dark horse or Palin. She has been a budget hawk and takes transparency in government to a new level. Her downside, she only brings three electoral votes from Alaska. On the other hand, her gender will ratchet up interest in the ticket and be an equalizer in that regard.

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