Monday, February 16, 2009

Our most important right

Last month, the County Attorney in Linn County (Cedar Rapids) charged 12 voters with election misconduct, a Class D felony carrying a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment. The Linn County Auditor is also investigating 46 others who are believed to have given a false address when they registered to vote on Election Day.
Gotta love that same day registration given to us by Chester and the Democrats.

I do tip my hat to the Linn County folks for actually investigating and getting charges filed for voter fraud but why stop there? At least a third of our vote is cast before Election Day in the form of early voting at satellite locations or via absentee ballots. We have no possibly way of finding all the fraud in the system but we can make examples out of those we do catch. Since Secretary of State Michael Mauro doesn’t want anything to do with finding voter fraud, Republicans need to take on the task.

I’ve heard rumbles of Congressman King and Rep. Paulson diving into investigations of their own. I don’t know if either have the resources to do a full scale investigation into the matter but hope they can. Someone has to do it.

Democrats not only won’t investigate voter fraud, they actually invite it and institute policy that will only make fraud easier. They say they want to make voting easy. We should make it our mission to protect the one man/one vote system. The best step toward achieving that standard intended by our Founding Fathers is requiring a picture I.D. and purging the list of fraudulent registrants.

So Republican Party of Iowa, I have two missions for you this election cycle. First, investigate voter fraud at the largest scale possible and second, sign up as many new Republican voters as possible. We are still at a 100,000 voter registration disadvantage before you factor in rampant fraud the majority party not only ignores, they promote!

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Anonymous said...

rumblings of investigations? we're nearly four months from the election -- how long they going to wait?!