Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Iowa Legislature – Failing Majorities

So while I’m driving to work this morning I hear on the radio all the issues the legislature is either debating now or will be taking up. It about makes me sick to my stomach.

First, unions will be the downfall of Iowa’s businesses. There is no way we can compete with surrounding states if unions get their way. This prevailing wage baloney is enough to make smoke come out my ears. On WHO Radio they played audio of a businessman who says his union company can’t compete with nonunion companies that don’t offer pensions, vacation days, holidays, and sick leave. I suppose the average listener may have thought that made sense but it is a line of BS. Do any of you work a nonunion full-time job without any of the aforementioned benefits? If so, why? There are plenty of nonunion places to work that offer great benefits and you don’t have to put up with the union bosses and fees.

Then the next issue mentioned is the gas tax increase. I’ve covered this before on this blog so I won’t go into great detail but at a time of substantial economic challenges, the last thing we need to do is increase taxes on anybody. This isn’t just a tax on the family driving to the in-laws; this is a tax on businesses. Make your cuts where excessive spending is occurring and shift that money to our roads.

Then I do hear some good news. Our fine State Auditor, Dave Vaudt, has gone through Culver’s budget line-by-line and found Culver and the Democrats aren’t being truthful about decreasing state spending. Vaudt has found out the proposed budget will only cut spending by $43 million - not the $400 million dollars Culver spouted to the press. Culver is just simply incompetent and is the last guy we need during a time of distress.

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Anonymous said...

And you guys still don't think Dave Vaudt is a viable candidate for Governor - give me a break!

Vaudt 2010