Friday, February 27, 2009

Can you spare some change?

Obama sure hoodwinked a bunch of the nation with his fancy campaign rhetoric and cocky little George Clooney head weave while on the campaign. When are people going to realize this guy is the most liberal leader America has ever had? More importantly, when are they going to realize his politics and resulting policies are dangerous to our national sovereignty and identity?

Obama’s budget plans are finally coming to light and without a doubt, he’s a tax and spend liberal. In fact, he’s so much of one even he is ashamed of it. Why else would he lie to the American people about tax cuts and future spending?

According to numerous media outlets, Obama’s budget will increase spending by around 12 percent. This in a time where money isn’t exactly lying around. Many of you probably saw on the Drudge Report that Obama’s budget comes out to $11,833 per American. If you take a little more realistic view , the number is closer to $40,000 per taxpayer. And what do we get from it? More government intrusion in our lives, bigger/bloated/inefficient government, socialism, the end of free market capitalism, and disrespect for the rule of law.

Obama will also raise taxes by eliminating Bush’s tax cuts and raising taxes on individuals who make $250,000 or more annually causing a larger percentage of their productivity confiscated. But he doesn’t stop there. Nope, he’s also going after businesses…you know…those things that provide jobs, which in turn provide money for consumer spending, which in turn provides more jobs. Yep – he’s going to increase their taxes by $353 billion in the next 10 years. That adds up to around $62,000 per business.

When it comes to elections, strategists don’t typically look at the strong voting Republicans and Democrats, they typically look at the soft voting Rs and Ds and also the voting Independents. When looking at that group in the middle, is this what they voted for? Will they realize what they’ve caused? Or will Obama get a free pass by all these folks because he’s “the One”?

We finally figured out what Obama meant by “Change”. Can you spare some?


Anonymous said...

You know CD that the cartoon you linked to is racist some how :)

ConstitutionDaily said...

Since BHO is only 1/2 white, it can only be 1/2 racist...right? I don't know how all that stuff works.