Friday, December 19, 2008

CD's List for Santa

1. RPI chair with a spine of steel, mind of Gingrich, speaking ability of Reagan, principles of King, alliances of Latham, success of Grassley, and Teflon coating.

2. RPI staff installed by said chair who know Iowa has 99 counties, 99 county organizations doing grassroots heavy lifting, where the R votes are, how to communicate, and frequently travel beyond the Polk County border to see the real world.

3. A State Central Committee making itself relevant by being involved – visiting their counties and RPI more than just on meeting weekend.

4. The uniting of LMF and RPI for the greater good rather than competing in fundraising, candidate recruitment (oh wait, RPI doesn’t do that?!?!?) and staff battles.

5. Courage and commitment for the activists who feel beat down, let down, and double down after Obama carried Iowa, Loebsack and Boswell were re-elected despite their vulnerability.

6. A dose of reality for perennial gubernatorial candidates whose determination is becoming desperation.

7. Quality Republican candidates for all elected offices in the state from City Councils to the Governor’s office. No more free rides for D incumbents.

8. True celebration of Christmas, Christ’s birth.


Anonymous said...

I don't get what #6 is all about?

Duh.. said...

It was a stab at Vander Plaats. CD apparently thinks his desired candidate can’t beat him in a primary so he feels the need to run him down. Too bad no one cares.

Anonymous said...

#s 2,3 and 4 I could not agree with more- in fact they sound as if they could have come from my own mouth over the last year or more.
#s 5 and 7 will come from electing a State Chair that most resembles #1-
And alas if these come to pass then I think #5 will be a mute point as new fresh statewide candidates will emerge.
As far as #1 - I have little to fear from anyone so my spine is pretty rigid, have met Newt on a number of occasions and he was my candidate of choice had we convinced him to run in
this last election based on his understanding of our Constitution and its workings.
Congressmen King's stands I greatly admire and I have personally known and worked hard for Tom Latham for years. His stands agains the bailout and other liberal policies has shown his understanding of our true Republic based government.
Grassley's success was hard earned by understanding the core values of conservative rural Iowans- it will be a long time before we find someone that Iowans will so identify with again. As with Congressman Latham I have known and worked for both these great Iowans and am proud to say so.
One problem many Republicans have and perhaps hurts us in the end is that we do not understand Reagan was a "one of a kind". If we continue to look for his clone chances are we will continue to be disappointed. Like looking for that first "love" of our life- it was as much a feeling as anything and duplicating it just never quite happens. But as in each new venture in life if we glean what is good from it and have learned what to distance ourselves from in the past then we can be successful in our own rights.
This party's grassroots voters, RPI and the LMF need to come together as a team once again. A team led by the SCC and elected leaders statewide with a concise and principled message must be presented to solidify our base at the voter level and also excite the donors we so need.
I am not a big advocate of 30-40 point plans from a single person- they are lip service and "political" fodder- instead we need leaders with an ouline geared toward common sense, REAL grassroots understanding and commuication. A honest desire to lead by listening to everyone and including input from all levels and factions in making decisions based on what it takes to prove once again that the Republican Party and its conservative and value based principles are a viable option in the voting booth.
Hopefully this is the leadership I will have a chance to give to fellow Republicans from all Districts of Iowa.
Andy Cable

Green Republican said...

Rock on Andy!

I was going to point out that you are the man for #1, but you beat me to it!

Anonymous said...

What is the LMF? Sorry... I think I once knew and the information left my brain sometime while shoveling snow.

Anonymous said...

the Legislative Majority Fund.

Anonymous said...

I disagree on the LMF. I think if the House and Senate guys raise their own money, they should be able to spend as they see fit. Plus, I believe there are some camapign laws involved with that as well.

There are a lot of things that need to be fixed, but that's not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps you misunderstand my mention of RPI and LMF coming together. While the LMF already uses RPI as their conduit to spend the LMF funds on races- I agree it is their money and they should be able to spend as they see fit. I do not think I suggested any real control over LMF funds if you reread my statement.
However presently there appears to be little communication between the two factions of our party as to message or candidate recruitment. This is where I suggest they need to work together on a closer basis.
Presently RPI gets the blame from all those that do not understand the synergism between the two. It is RPI's name on each piece of advertising that LMF both funds and more importantly creates, yet if RPI has NO input whatsoever but takes the blunt of the blame should the advertising be ineffective or compeletely negative I think this does not bode well for the partnership. All I am suggesting is that a much closer and thus hopefully better relationship can be formed between the two groups.
If I can better explain my feelings regarding this issue please contact me
Andy Cable