Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Senate Minority Leader: Paul McKinley

Sen. Paul McKinley just took over the reigns as minority leader in the Iowa Senate. McKinley is a very good conservative who should be able to start making up ground in the Senate.

This is the second real sign that Republicans are finally willing to make some changes for this election cycle. It is also the second sign that Republicans view conservatism as the path to future victories (the first being the election of Paulsen as minority leader of the House).

Both Paulsen and McKinley have the opportunity to take Iowa back from our liberal friends. Unfortunately a conservative message won’t do it by itself. We will have to run each campaign by copying some of the Iowa Democrats playbook and also ramping up our efforts that we typically do best.

The real silver lining of this election is now we all believe we need to make some drastic changes and we’ve taken two great steps towards doing just that.

Next up at the Iowa level, RPI Chair and Executive Director! Let’s get some folks who are real Republicans and who also understand the significance and responsibilities of the positions.

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Anonymous said...

Good Choice!

Kudos, to the Great Eight...teen that voted :)