Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Around the Blogs

Any of you who read the blogs are most likely already having conversations about how to get Republicans out of the mess we are in. The blogging community, including myself, has spent the last few weeks constructively offering ideas and analyzing some past mistakes. I don’t know who, if any of the leaders actual read the blogs but it can’t hurt to get some conversation going.

Mr. Grant Young over at QCI asked many of us to review his post about rebuilding the party with hopes of spurring more discussion. If you want to read all about revamping the party, I’ve linked a bunch of articles from the Iowa blogs below.

I’d also like any more suggestions that are out there.

Iowa Comeback - QCI
Party Without Message - Krusty
Republican Rebirth - The Real Sporer

And of course I have to pimp myself!
Restructuring the Party Part One - CD
Restructuring the Party Passion into Politics - CD
Restructuring the Party Connectivity - CD

So if any of you took the time to read all of that stuff, please take a moment to comment on what you think would work and what wouldn’t. And again, all ideas are welcome.


Randy Feenstra said...

I want to thank you for listing the new plans out there to rebuild the party. I fully believe that we are finally at the bottom and can now come together and craft a new Republican agenda. I am optimistic about the Republican future. I classify myself as a new generation Republican. I have actually made a website explaining what my principles are concerning this new reform. www.newgenerationrepublican.com We need to empower people to speak up and have a voice. Let the past rest and let us start developing a new future that will produce positive changes in the party. We need this new generation to step forward! Keep blogging! Great insight! New Iowa Senator from District #2

Randy Feenstra

ConstitutionDaily said...

Senator Feenstra - I hope you continue to be active in the blogs once you start serving.

Please don't get Mulderized in Des Moines!