Thursday, October 16, 2008

Voter Fraud

Imagine the Hawkeyes and Cyclones agreeing to play the "big game" every year at Ames. And that the Cyclones get to have their students ref the game. And the Cyclones can add a yard or two after every play without having to show proof of where the ball was downed. The Hawks would never agree to that fantasyworld scenario.

So why do Republicans agree to play on the same uneven playing field against the Democrats?

Voter fraud is obvious, rampant, and likely to cost some Republicans an election victory on November 4. While an army of lawyers fight the battle in the courts in several states, it may all be too late to affect the outcome in our favor. Despite same-day registration here in Iowa, we are not using the issue of voter fraud at all. Guys like Yepsen say voter fraud is just not an issue in Iowa because we are too honest. Blah, blah, blah. I agree with Iowa being an honest state, but obviously MoveOn and ACORN are not. Those ACORN bozos apparently aren't in Iowa this year, but they've been here before.

The very thin silver lining to this issue is that although Democrats pushed through all the election mechanics to cheat in an election, they went hell-bent for leather. In just a few cycles living with same-day voter registration and the like, Democrats went crazy proving us right. With all of the states in turmoil over phony registrations and the lack of ability for election officials to verify, we should soon expect a rollback of these loose election laws.

The unfortunate reality is that it won't happen in 2008. We will have to live with thousands upon thousands of fraudulently cast votes that will undoubtedly help Democrats exclusively.

Republicans can stomp and storm over winger versus mod, life versus abortion, and all the other issues that get us involved, but if we continue to play on an uneven playing field, the GOP loses either way.

The looming election debacle in Ohio, plus the Indiana Court ruling that asking for an I.D. is acceptable, should give Republicans a jumpstart on correcting the flaws in our election laws.

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