Friday, October 17, 2008

Fundraising Thoughts

The highly anticipated fundraising numbers came out Wednesday night. Krusty has a great write up on this. I only have a few things to add.

Latham – he’s raised a ton of money. He is well liked in the 4th and has convinced us, with the help from the DCCC, he’s in a tough race. I see Latham not spending all of his $775,000 he has left in the bank. He’ll get his 57% or so and Becky will go back to wherever she came from. That district is solid Republican and isn’t changing anytime soon. That cash on hand number has to really hurt for the Democrats to see.

Miller-Meeks – she’s raised a very respectful $263,000 in a flood ravaged district. Money has been hard to come by in both the 1st and 2nd districts. She’s obviously very driven and if she can get her message out there, she has a shot. Also, often times running for Congress is a four year plan.

King – he’s got this one in the bag. Also – he’s proven he can raise a lot of money. In his district, with his Congressional Committees, it is hard to raise money. Somehow, he found a way to do it.

Hartsuch – a disappointment to say the least. He’s a rock ribbed conservative and I’m very discouraged he hasn’t raised some cash.

Schmett – ouch.

All in all, I can’t wait for 2010. Latham and King will come back stronger after this year and the Democrats will finally give up. Also, we didn’t use up any Whalens or Lambertis in our Congressional challenge races. Sure, the Dems may have the short term battle won, but the war is looking good for Republicans. And if Miller-Meeks doesn't topple Loebsack this year, she's got one heck of a good chance next election cycle.

One last comment – I’m thinking Boehner will lose his leadership position along with some other not so dynamic fellas – do we have a chance of getting a good conservative leader in the House again? Republicans are dying for a national leader.

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