Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oct. 2, 2008 - America Embraces Socialism

Now that the Senate has passed the bailout bill and basically jammed the U.S. House with it, I’m betting it passes and does so with a fairly large margin. We all know by now it’s riddled with extra junk but that won’t stop some Republicans and most Democrats from switching their votes. Here is my prediction.

Braley – He’ll vote yes and point to a change in the legislation and/or the markets for his reasons to switch.

Latham – He’ll vote yes and point to the tax breaks for businesses and some of the free market changes.

King – He’ll vote no again and point to the fact this can be solved without using tax payer dollars and government takeover of businesses.

Of course Loebsack and Boswell will vote for it again.

So what does this do for the 2008 election? Will Latham be considered weak? Will voters think King was wrong? Does it just hurt all incumbents? Or just Republicans or Democrats? I honestly don’t quite know those answers.

What I do know is the voters have lost all faith in their elected officials and rightfully so. We had a chance to make a stand and did so in the U.S. House Monday night. Conservatives stood up against the White House, the leadership from both parties in the House and Senate, and Wall Street. It is the first time in my lifetime we saw such a massive wave of socialism coming at us and we stopped it in its tracks. After tonight, not so much.

Will people realize that this $700 billion comes from the taxpayers not the beneficiaries? And will they also realize if, and that’s a big if, this bailout does work and the money is paid back we, the taxpayer, won’t ever see a dime? They will give it to the tax beneficiaries in government programs like welfare, health care, etc.

I guess what I’m getting at is I believe this is the final move that has officially changed the United States of America from free market capitalist to socialist. I would love to hear your thoughts. We already have just over 50 percent of the population paying taxes. With this bailout, I don’t know how that number couldn’t have changed to less than 50 percent paying taxes.

For some real solutions by a guy that believes in free market capitalism (people not government), please click the following link.



Anonymous said...

Latham voted against it... not for it.

ConstitutionDaily said...

I saw that. Thanks for sticking to your guns Tom!

zzzzzzzzzzz said...

Not working to much on the postings lately - can we assume that this is another hack blog run by some campaign staffers?

If so, I'm hoping you're out doorknocking for the good guys!

Anonymous said...

No faith in Republican members of the House? This blog is a sham.