Monday, September 29, 2008

Failed Bailout: Now What?

This is one of the first signs I have seen in the past few years that this country still has a chance. We, the American people, have failed so many times lately I was starting to get a little pessimistic. We’ve failed on one level or another on every issue I care about. With immigration we all were tricked into feeling like we were successful by stopping amnesty but at the same time we still have just as much if not more illegal immigration. We failed with socialized medicine when we pased the Medicare and prescription drug package. Basically, we’ve failed over and over again.

People blame their politicians but they shouldn’t. Politicians will always do the same two things. They will always grab more power. They will always do anything to keep and maintain that power. In the case of the bailout, they ended up voting against it because they got all the calls and emails from ticked off taxpayers. We don’t get too upset over gay marriage or the unborn baby, but when there is a sign of a vast shift towards socialism, we get on the phones.

My prediction is they will get another plan worked up in the next couple days featuring some compromise and more of the same. They will whip their party members into voting for another piece of legislation that may get us through a couple more months. And then somehow the Republicans will lose the election based on this issue. Democrats like Barney Frank, Pelosi, and Reid will get more power and continue to sprint to their finish line of socialism. As Tommy Boy says, “I’ve seen it a hundred times.”

P.S. Thank you Tom Latham, Steve King, and Bruce Braley.

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