Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Iowa's Headed Down Hell's Highway - If you believe what you read

Fresh off the release of an Iowa Poll showing John McCain down double digits to Obama (52 to 40), we hear the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has both of Iowa’s Republican Congressmen on their list of races to watch (King) or emerging races (Latham).

Friends, our opponents are neither dumb nor lazy. This DCCC targeting raises the profile of the challengers and will allow them to be more aggressive in their fundraising.

Take just a moment to check out actblue.com. Latham’s challenger has had 97 donations made via this internet-based resource totaling $22,485 as of today. King’s opponent has raised $33,385 from 191 donors. Neither is setting the world afire and needs all the cheap help DCCC can offer. This publicity will do more for them than a tribe of Berkley Bedells or Joe Trippis. And speaking of Joe – who would have better connections at DCCC to make just such an elevation of the King race happen?!

Latham has been campaigning harder this cycle than many previous elections. His challenger is credible and in a state threatening to become solid blue, he’s doing the right things. King is raising more money than ever before – his reports show a dominant advantage over his opponent and let’s hope that translates into ads on the airwaves sooner than later.

Iowans will have the opportunity to see John McCain and Sarah Palin on Thursday this week when they make a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids. This will help win more hearts to the Republican ticket and shift the momentum dragging us down in Iowa. We need them to make the same stops at least three more times before November 4 in Des Moines, Sioux City, and a fly-by whistle stop November 3.

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