Friday, August 8, 2008

Whitaker for Governor

The last two days I addressed the possible campaign of Mark Pearson for Governor and the indefinite campaign of Bob Vander Plaats. For those of you who have commented, I thank you for keeping them above the belt. Without further ado, my next candidate is Matt Whitaker.

Can you see Whitaker swoop in as the crusader who can clean up Iowa government? The sad fact is that Iowans do not trust their government. They don’t trust the politicians on TV, radio, or in their mailbox. Whitaker has the background to take up the mantle of reformer.

Matt first ran in 2002 for Iowa Treasurer. If the Republican Party of Iowa would have backed Whitaker with staff and cash I guarantee you we wouldn’t have a Governor Culver today. Right now we would be talking about getting Harkin’s seat back instead and inviting Governor Whitaker to all of our fundraisers.

Matt has done an exceptional job as U.S. Attorney in southern Iowa. He is standing firm in prosecution of illegal immigrants and was a key figure in the law enforcement efforts in Marshalltown. Matt is a fiscal and social conservative of the mettle our base really misses.

Lots of pros for Matt. He’s a commanding presence and a very energetic individual. He’s liked by all factions of the Republican Party. He has great experience as a U.S. Attorney and also as a one time statewide candidate. Matt is a former Iowa Hawkeye tight end and rallies the troops like he was a coach as well.

The list of cons is fairly short. He has been somewhat out of the loop since running in 2002. (Matt agreed to be emcee of the Iowa Christian Alliance spring event in 2007 and had to drop out at the last minute because someone complained to his bosses. A class act, he attended the event despite not being able to participate.) Many of us remember him well but his name I.D. is likely suffering statewide. Many don’t remember where Matt stands on the issues.

I’m confident Matt would make a good governor. He obviously understands the rule of law and doesn’t mind enforcing it. He will be an energetic campaigner that would definitely gain support across the state. Young, dynamic, and a powerful presence, Whitaker can help all of us turn the corner to prosperity.


Correction said...

In 2002, Whitaker ran for State Treasurer and Millage ran for Attorney General.

ConstitutionDaily said...

There's egg on my face. You're right and I'm correcting the post. Thanks for reading.