Saturday, August 9, 2008

Double Standards - Wayward Husbands - Zipper Failure

Friday the world witnessed another marvel of Democratic derring-do. On the eve of the Olympics, a Friday afternoon when Russia and Georgia are engaging in armed conflict, John Edwards confessed his sins – having an affair with “that woman” and lying about it. Repeatedly. Over and over and over again. Perfect timing on the reveal – when the world’s attention is elsewhere.

We’re all to forgive him for succumbing to the vanity associated with campaigning. He owned up to being egocentric and narcissistic. And we should excuse his behavior because while he nailed her, he didn’t love her.

Ahh… That’s the ticket. The former senator and vice presidential candidate minimizes extra-marital infidelity by saying he didn’t love her.


Let’s not forget Edwards’s wife, Elizabeth, was a breast cancer survivor. She and Edwards lost a child and had a second family later in life. But he’s out sniffing for more.

Let’s speculate. If this was a Republican, would the reaction be different?

Friday evening on Fox News they pointed out AP articles on Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick’s recent incarceration neglected to mention his Democratic party affiliation. But turn the page back to Senator Ted Stevens’s recent issues and his Republican status is included in text multiple times.

Personal responsibility, family values, and loyalty have to be more than buzz words, more than theory, and more than ideals. We must live what we promise. And hopefully we, and our chosen conservative leaders, don’t even have to work at this.

I’m done venting. Happy weekend!

PS We’ll all be waiting for that Edwards paternity test.

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