Monday, March 2, 2009

Dow Dwindles, DSM Register Continues to Embarrass

This morning’s news of the Dow dipping below 7000 points probably doesn’t surprise most of us but it must be a surprise to Obama, Congress, and even Bush….right? I mean didn’t they say without the “rescue” plan the stock market would crash and the world would end? We sure are lucky we did something because if we didn’t maybe the stock market would plunge by half…oh wait, it did!

We all know the reasons the stock market is still tumbling but for some reason politicians are struggling with this. So I thought maybe they would read this blog and actually believe something coming from an average everyday citizen, not a DC insider (yeah right). Our strength is a free market, capitalist society. If you take our strength away, you will cripple this economy. The individuals who make up the entrepreneur side of our society – small businessmen, stockholders, CEOs – believe in the free market. Now that they see our country going down the road of socialism, they see their prospective ability to make money dwindling. They see government takeover of major corporations. They see tax increases for anybody succeeding. They see an increase on capital gains. They see an administration doing exactly the opposite of what should be done. Of course they are selling – why wouldn’t they?

Speaking of money. Iowa’s most liberal, full of bs, conniving journalist, Rekha Basu, wrote a scathing article on our very own Congressman Steve King for voting for a pay raise. What she didn’t tell you was the truth. In this excerpt, you see Basu does unintentionally give you the rest of the story about King’s opposition to the rule including the pay freeze.

"Last week, he [King] broke ranks with other Iowans in Congress and all but 23 members of the U.S. House of Representatives to vote against freezing their own 2010 salaries. The pay-freeze amendment, part of a bill to allow a vote on the omnibus appropriations measure, passed 398 to 24."

King actually voted against the omnibus spending bill rule and was only one of 24 members to have the guts to do it. In an article in The Hill, a Republican staffer said, “It was kind of a manipulative thing to do,” said a Republican aide. “It was unusual that we supported the rule, especially one on a bill that we have so many problems with, but because of what they did with the pay increase, they could have used that vote against us.”

But Rehka didn’t care about the truth or motives of Congressman King. All she cared about was trying to tarnish his image. Luckily for King and conservatives, the Des Moines Register and Rehka Basu have no credibility in the eyes of Iowans.

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