Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Republican News Sources

Next Wednesday at 7:00 a.m., Iowans will have a new place to get accurate news. The Iowa Republican, a self described “center-right news organization,” will launch its premier online-only issue. I don’t yet know everyone involved but former RPI Political Director and former vice president of Iowa’s leading Republican fundraising firm, Craig Robinson, is the editor-in-chief. Craig is an authentic conservative, true professional, and everything he does is top drawer.

I’m extremely excited about this Republican news source. It will have original content with interviews of Republican elected officials, candidates, and all kinds of newsmakers. We will finally have a resource debating issues important to Republicans based on rational and logical thought, not emotional, liberal mush. Imagine having a news outlet debate the FairTax v. the flat tax or different sensible energy options.

With the combination of and The Iowa Republican, we now have media sources to combat The Des Moines Register and the national news with their bias. It’s up to us to keep these two new resources going, hold them accountable, and feed them the information they need to serve their readers well.

If I’m a Democrat, I’m starting to see the Republicans step it up and I’m getting worried!

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