Wednesday, February 4, 2009

King Takes on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

This is classic Congressman Steve King. RFK tries to insult King and all of Iowa and King fires right back. This is definitely worth watching to the end. For those not familiar with RFK, you can read up on him here.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing. King is King. I am sooo glad to see one of ours take on the criminal kennedy's.

What's missing from the bio is the time he and his other criminal brother Joseph, while high on heroin, were driving a jeep with some friends.

they crashed the vehicle. One of the was paralyzed.

Kinda uncle teddy esque, don't you think?

David Kennedy was a drug addict along with Robert and Joseph.

Kudos to King.

Anonymous said...

lets not forget Michael Kennedy and the pedophile affair with the 14 year old babysitter. This led to his divorce and later, he died in a ski accident when he flouted the rules that everyone else is supposed to follow and skied into a prohibited area.

Gee, that's too bad.

Anonymous said...

or, Robert's 1st cousin Michael Skakal, currently in prison for murdering his 14 year old next door neighbor because she wouldn't make out with him

Ah, Camelot!