Monday, February 23, 2009

It has begun

A while back I wrote about how Republicans can get their mojo back after being defeated at all levels of politics in the past few years. Of course we have to change our strategy and stand on principle but we also have to let the Democrats eat their own.

This past weekend, we did a great job of doing just that. Majority Leader McCarthy either really sucks at whipping votes or bit off a little more than he could chew with this prevailing wage legislation.

We all know the legislation is junk and the only reason it is/was being debated is to feed the union dogs. The problem for the Democrats is those dogs are eternally hungry and won’t stop until every business in Iowa is unionized.

Minority Leader Paulsen now has to jump on this opportunity by calling out the failed leadership in the Democrat Party and also highlighting a Republican opposing plan. We don’t want to get stuck into just an opposition game. We must offer alternative legislation – even though we know it won’t pass this cycle.

This would also be a good time for future Republican candidates to speak up about their thoughts on prevailing wage legislation and organized labor as a whole. This is where I ask the question, what does Bob Vander Plaats do all day? I’ve looked on his teamVP website and there are no issues discussed and no current events. If I were running for Governor for the 3rd time, I’d probably change some stuff up…I’ve been waiting for BVP to do that and have been extremely disappointed. BVP is a smart man but if he is the only candidate for governor in 2010, he really needs to step up his campaign by actually talking about specifics. A candidate doesn’t get softballs like this too often and to let it pass by without taking a swing is a big missed opportunity. It’s also a bad sign to those looking for a change in our favorite perennial gubernatorial candidate.

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Anonymous said...

Good call on BVP's lack of voice. Why didn't he camp out at the Capitol to show his support for the Republican House members? He is the ONLY candidate for Governor and yet he is unable to issue a single press release on this.

In BVP terms: this was a free throw and he was in the locker room talking about winning, not doing it.