Monday, January 19, 2009

Let His Policies Fail

With the inauguration tomorrow, most Democrats and Republicans are wishing the new president well. Even the great one, Krusty, is hoping Obama will unite us.

With all respect to Krusty and others, I hope Obama fails miserably at everything he touches. Does this mean I want the United States to fail? Nope. It only means I don’t want socialist, liberal philosophy to succeed.

Barack Obama holds extreme leftist positions on every issue important to the future of our great republic. Whether it is health care, the war, taxes, regulations, abortion, gun rights, or illegal immigration, Obama’s success is our country’s failure and future demise.

So do I hope Obama unites us? Absolutely not. Unless we become united against him and for free market capitalism.


Anonymous said...

You guys are right on target again!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, I want America to succeed. And if the only way for her to do so is for Obama to fail, than so be it. And for those who want Obama and his gang to succeed, than I question your committment to the Conservative Movement and if you truly believe in American Expectionalism and Greatness.