Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Failed Recount

As you know I haven’t blogged since before Christmas. It was really nice to take a few days off and enjoy some warmer weather. After looking back through the blogs, nothing much happened anyway. Blago is still messing with Obama’s senate seat, RPI Chairman discussions are still going on, no gubernatorial candidates have announced yet, and it is still really cold in Iowa.

There is news on the Coleman v. Franken battle in Minnesota. As we all know, Minnesota is a liberal state with liberal politicians in control at most levels. On election day, Coleman held the lead by 215 votes but since the margin was so low, a recount was necessary according to law. With their Secretary of State’s position held by Democrat Mark Ritchie, we all knew it was going to be a long shot to keep Coleman in the Senate.

The following are the shenanigans the liberals have pulled in the recount.

1. More than 25 precincts have more ballots than signed in voters.
Duplicate ballots are required by Minnesota law if the original is damaged during Election Night counting. Officials have failed to mark the ballots as duplicate causing some votes to be counted twice.

2. According to Franken, in Hennepin County, one precinct supposedly lost 133 votes since Election Night (although there is no proof of this), even though the precinct was recounted by hand, officials went with the Election Night totals. This decision alone gave Franken 46 votes.

3. A Ramsey County precinct ended up with 177 more ballots than there were recorded on Election Night. The decision was to go with the hand recount instead of Election Night totals. This gave Franken 37 more votes. By the way, that Ramsey County precinct now has more ballots than voters.

4. The absentee ballot recount isn’t any better. Without a standardized method of recounting the ballots, the Secretary of State’s office started recounting the Democrat leaning counties anyway giving Franken 176 more votes.

At this point, Coleman’s last legal method is to go to the state Supreme Court. His likelihood of winning is very slim though. When will Minnesota learn to always go with the normal guy rather than the wrestler or bad comedian? Also, Coleman really needs to get out there and tell the story of this recount. If he does, Franken will be tainted material for years to come.

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