Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Who’s Hot:

McCain is red hot after picking Gov. Sarah Palin for his VP candidate. She’s young, attractive, and very fiscally and socially conservative. Way to go John.

Sarah Palin is smoking hot! She’s got everything America needs.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks has some great coattails now with the McCain-Palin combo at the top of the ticket!

Obama is lukewarm. His convention, according to Gallop tracking polls, gave him a slight bump. Problem for him is the latest poll has the McCain-Palin ticket by 2 points.

ANWR – with Palin in favor of drilling in ANWR we can expect more support for new domestic oil.

Who’s Not:

Hillary Clinton is about as cold as you can get. She’s finally done and with her, the Clinton dynasty all but dies.

Mitt Romney is getting colder every second. Without the VP pick, he’s got eight years off. I’m sure he’ll be back but it will be a long time from now.

David Hartsuch is fairly cool as well. He needs to get out there and get some votes. I don’t know what he is doing right now, but I know it isn’t running for Congress.


C'mon Now said...

I think you're jumping a bit with the Mitt Romney "colder every second" nonsense.

He has been one of McCain's biggest surrogates and hits the news circuit pretty regularly.

If you are categorizing him this way because he didn't get a VP selection, then you should also include everyone else from both parties that didn't get picked: Huckabee, Hillary, Jindal, Crist, Pawlenty, Guiliani, Bayh, etc...

You're better than that CD - don't turn into another anti-Romney site. That's soooo 2007

(disclaimer: I was a Romney supporter)

Anonymous said...

David is at the Republican National convention this week.

Anonymous said...

There must be a segway convention at the same time for David!

Anonymous said...

David chalked Christopher Reed's name on his car.

Not his own.

Can someone remind this guy he's running for Congress? What an idiot.