Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Time

With McCain trailing in the polls in Iowa by a fairly large margin, Iowa Republicans need to get serious about this election. Even if you still think of McCain as McCan’t, he is at the top of the ticket and a major loss by him will take other good Republicans down.

We have great Congressional candidates along with a very young and promising Senatorial candidate in Chris Reed. We also have many die hard conservative Iowa House and Senate candidates that need a strong showing by McCain to win.

We don’t need McCain here to do it but we do need Sarah Palin. She is our motivation this election cycle and with her principles, conservatives can be proud to volunteer for their candidates and county party organizations. I know we need to get the conservatives in northwest Iowa ramped up. If you remember, Bush visited NW Iowa a couple times before the election in 2004 and barely carried the state. Palin can do the same in 2008.

McCain campaign, if you are listening…here is your formal invitation to Iowa!

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