Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Speck in the GOP's Eye - Log in the Left's

While the GOP in Iowa suffers from allegations of splits among the ranks, our supposed riffs pale in comparison to the goings-on planned for Denver.

Obama’s concession to Hillary, allowing her name to be placed in nomination and the subsequent roll call vote, serves as demonstrable evidence of the chasm on the left. Hillary and her minions refusal to let go of what might-have-been in favor of the Obamanation coronation shows their weakness.

We should embrace Hillary’s tactics and reinforce the divide. Call it exploitation if you will. It’s a skill we will have learned from our opponents.

When Hillary and Bill speak, their tone and substance will be important to observe. Will they be belligerent or reconciliatory? Will they promote self or the party? Will they cede their one-time prominence to the upstart messiah?

In the bigger picture, Obama’s gaffes continue to escalate elsewhere.

- Floundering at Saddleback – proving his reliance on the teleprompter and weak-kneed convictions
- Rejecting his own mantra of change by selecting Biden as VP for more of the same
- Taking a very public vacation in paradise
- Underreacting to Russia’s Georgian offensive

Lead on McCain. The door is opening and you must be prepared to walk through boldly, demonstrating your innate leadership and qualifications to lead this greatest nation on earth.

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Yoda said...

Forseen Biden's speech, I have....

Begins with "fore score and seven years ago" it does...

Heard it somewhere before, I think I have....