Friday, August 1, 2008

East Coast Radical Liberal Influence in Western Iowa

This email was passed along to me last night by a GOP county chair in western Iowa. It was written by the Carroll County GOP chair and King supporter Craig Williams. Many of you have probably gotten his emails and you know, this guy is sharp. A little research tells me he’s also going to be a delegate at the National Convention.

Ditto to his thoughts here! It’s long, but, worth the time to read.


From: Craig Williams [mailto:xxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 6:51 PM
To: xxxxxxxx

According to July 15, 2008 FEC filings, Rob Hubler, Democrat challenger to Steve King in the 5th district of Iowa, has gathered donations totaling $81,483.38. He’s also personally guaranteed loans totaling $39,906. The grand total of his contributions and loans since he started this campaign over a year and a half ago is $121,389.38.

He’s spent $94,890.93, leaving cash on hand of $26,523.45, which, of course, is less than what Hubler put into the campaign himself. This does not bode well for a challenger to Congressman Steve King.

Hubler has made a big deal about campaign finance reform, demanding free air time to run for office. It seems that the endless string of pro-Hubler/anti-King articles that Doug Burns publishes free of charge in the Carroll Daily Times Herald are not enough to move 5th district Democrats to donate to a war protestor who was asked not to re-enlist in the military after his first tour.

In the 11th hour, facing a mounting debt and lack of contributors, Hubler has hired Joe Trippi from Washington, DC; famous for having brought in $40 million for Howard Dean through internet donations.

There is no secret that there are a number of radical, liberal organizations who want to see Steve King removed from office. These, of course, are not people from Iowa, let alone the 5th district. These are not people with western Iowa values.

There’s clearly not enough in Hubler’s cash reserves to pay for a Trippi, so Trippi must think he can pay for himself from the proceeds he will raise from radical groups wanting to oust Congressman King. That’s a lot of cash. Folks, Hubler’s bringing in outsiders to manipulate our election and tell us how to live!

In the Omaha World Herald article,, Hubler says, "Joe Trippi moves this where it ought to be — this is a national campaign."

No, it’s not. This is a local campaign for a national office. We are electing someone to represent the 5th district of Iowa – not someone to be a patsy for George Soros and or the anti-family values groups or pro-illegal immigrant groups or pro-abortion groups or anti-gun groups or Cindy Shehan’s anti-military group or other atheist organizations.

This has really gotten under my skin. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let some nut balls from California or Colorado tell me how to live.

The kind of money Hubler has to raise to afford a guy like Trippi will dwarf what congressman King has in his campaign funds to combat it and there are less than 14 weeks left until the election.

I started this note out to be informative just to my local Carroll County Republicans. But now my blood is boiling and I want to ask you to do two things:

1) I know some of you (and me) can’t afford to make $2,300-$4,600 donations (see note below on contribution limitations). If you can, please do it. If you can afford $20 or $50 or $100 or more, please make a donation to King for Congress to help counteract these outsiders (perhaps you can make small weekly donations for 14 weeks?). You can go to King’s web site and make the donation on line, or send a check to Steve King for Congress, PO Box 576, Odebolt, Iowa 51458, or you can call his campaign on the phone at 712-273-5097 and someone will take your donation information;

2) pass this note on to every God fearing, decent conservative Republican you know and ask them to make a donation as well.

Again, neither Congressman King nor anyone else in his campaign asked me to go looking for donations. But this is what grass roots organizations are all about. Please help combat the outsiders or they will be among us for a long time to come.

Craig Williams
Chairman – Carroll County Republican Central Committee