Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And I just kept on running...

Bob Vander Plaats is the only Republican candidate for governor who has lost two primaries – oh come on, he would have lost. Bob started off strong in 2002 by coming in third to Gross and appealing to Christian conservatives but has slowly tapered off. Maybe he’s got something else to offer but since I haven’t seen it yet I’m betting he doesn’t. He ran twice and lost twice. Technically he’s lost one primary and one general. I don’t see him winning this time either.

I like Bob. Well – I did like Bob but now I think he is living in an alternate reality. Everyday Bob is looking for a springboard for Governor. He needs to take a break or run for State House or State Senate. He’s a good candidate but needs some credibility. Whatever Bob has done in the last 8 years has been FOR BOB. He now needs to have public service on his record. Perhaps that will provide the opportunity to deliver something tangible to Iowans.

Also, he will need to be able to articulate some substance rather than campaign rhetoric. He really is the most like Obama out of the candidates I will discuss. We all knew Bob wanted to be Governor real bad. Now, many think he would be a real bad Governor.

Bob’s strengths? He’s a good speaker, he’s energetic, and he’d capture part of the conservative working base. He has decent name I.D. although I don’t know if it is good name I.D. He’s got some of the Huckabee vote, although I don’t think much of it. They voted for Huckabee because there wasn’t an active Conservative running and Huckabee was the closest to what they wanted.

Bob’s weaknesses are that he’s lost and lost. He’s made some bad decisions negatively affecting some very key people. He’s weak on substance and experience (other than campaigning).

He’s old news. When his name comes up regarding 2010, almost all have groaned. It is personal for some, just plain tiresome for others. When the GOP is in need of new leadership, we are looking for an individual whose career arc is climbing.

Bob is sure to be on the ballot barring a tragedy or miracle.

Tomorrow I will comment on a known unknown.


Anonymous said...

Article is spot-on. Well done.

One change - Bob actually got THIRD in 2002, behind Sukup.

And yes, he would have lost in 2006.

ConstitutionDaily said...

anon - thank you. It has been corrected.

Fired Up and Ready to Go said...

Since we are being technical and all he actually has run twice but lost 3 times. But who is counting?

Turn the page.

Anonymous said...

Are we also counting when he lost his bid for State Chair in 2006? He wanted it, campaigned for it, but didn't show up to present to the SCC

Anonymous said...

If Bob thinks he is so popular why isn't he out there helping Statehouse Candidates take back the majorities? Oh, thats right Bob isn't popular, my BAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I love your picture. "Run, Bob, run"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah, but not for Governor----AGAIN!!!

Anonymous said...

Please! Oh, please! Let's run someone from the GOP establishment! Even better if it's a sitting Congressman!! Let's see if we can hand the lug nut a second term.