Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hit the Reset Button on Government

Some guy somewhere said a long time ago that we were like a barrel made of thirteen staves without a single hoop to hold us together. Whoever said it is dead now, so I don’t feel compelled to get the quote exact. Besides, it was probably some guy that thought the Articles of Confederation would get the job done. Or not.

Throughout the decade under the Articles of Confederation, Americans were bitter and quarreling. The government was deeply in debt and business was at a standstill. Eventually we ended up with our Constitution. And 220 later, Americans are bitter and quarreling. Our government is deeply in debt and business is at a standstill.

It wasn’t always this way. The Constitution works. But look at all 10 Amendments in the Bill of Rights. There isn’t one that hasn’t been distorted, misinterpreted, stretched, shrunk, or outright ignored.

We need a reset button. All government programs need to sunset so we can get this ship back on the path the Constitution set. As a little exercise today, please send in your favorite government program. What department or agency do you point to and say that is the perfect example of government that works?

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RightyTighty said...

I got nothin! I'm anxious to see if anyone can come up with one good one.